Koulutintti Sarkkilankansakoulu
Koulutintti Oy, Lauttakyläntie 21, FI-31900 Punkalaidun, FINLAND
Hanna-Riitta ja Sakari Pärssinen

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Activities: by raft on river, birdwatching, walking or biking in nature path, picking berries or mushrooms, golf, skiing, hunting...

You can enjoy of clean nature and relax and still after holiday your feeling and fitting feels better and you can enjoy good memories.

In guided birdwatching hike the group can be only 5 persons. Please order in good time.

To the raft can come max 15 persons or by overnight visitors smaller group.

For picking berries or mushrooms you can begin also by yourself from gottages.

The sporting area of Porttikallio offers many lighted sawdustpath or skiing track. Nature bikingroute 9 km and easy skiing route too.
Here has been Finnish biathlon games 2 times and that circle is fairly exacting and here are 32 shooting targets for biathlon in stadium.

Golf in Kesälaitumen golf assosiations golf field has 9 wholes and is nice, not expensive possibility to go golfworld hought by quided.

Frisbee is nice hobby from baby to grandpa. 9 baskets full circle for you useing.

Other sportfield events are in World Champpions sportfield ( Seppo Räty 96,96 m ) in middle village. As football.

After hard keepfitting you can order massasing of hostess in neighbours.
puksuttelu juhannusajelu lautta

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purupolku melonta Kes�laitumen Golf

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